OptiSeis Wins the HETI Energy Ventures Pitch Competition, March 8, 2023

OptiSeis won the HETI Energy Ventures Pitch Competition at CERAWeek, March 8, 2023.

We are very excited to announce that we won the HETI Energy Ventures Pitch Competition at CERAWeek. Thank-you to all the Optiseis team for your hard work. Also, thank-you to all the volunteers, organizers, and participants. Andrea Crook, Cameron Crook and Leeloo had an excellent week in Houston!

Thanks to PTAC for acknowledging our win!

About the Conference

This pitch competition brings together key members of the energy industry, investors, and startups to showcase the critical innovations and emerging technologies that create value from the world’s transition to low-carbon energy systems.

Start-ups and entrepreneurs with businesses providing cleaner and more sustainable energy while also meeting global energy needs reliably and affordably will compete for non-dilutive cash prizes and awards from TEX-E/Greentown Labs, SLB, HX Ventures, and more supporters to be announced soon. In addition, Chevron will consider all finalists for inclusion in their CTV Catalyst program, as they did in the inaugural year of the competition.