Innovations in Seismic Acquisition, CSPG GUSSOW Session 3 and 4

Andrea J. Crook – OptiSeis Solutions Ltd.


Acquiring seismic data in the oil sands can be challenging due to the shallow target depths, surface infrastructure, and sensitive environment. In the past 10 years, numerous seismic acquisition innovations have been developed with some providing significant benefit in acquiring high density oil sands seismic data. Areas of innovation include seismic acqu recording systems, geophones, and seismic sources. isition geometries,

In this presentation, we will review the benefits of high trace density seismic geometries and methods to reduce the cost of acquiring this data, recent advances in recording systems and geophones, as well as the miniaturization of seismic sources in order to access difficult terrain and reduce the environmental impact. Oil sands data examples will be shown for three new miniaturized sources currently being tested on shallow, o il sands seismic programs.