2018 Innovations in Seismic Acquisition (CSEG)


Seismic acquisition has changed significantly in the past ten years. Recording systems have switched from cabled to cable-less/nodal systems, vibroseis is beginning to replace explosives even in areas with rugged terrain, and high trace density surveys are becoming commonplace.

In this course, we will examine seismic acquisition innovations that are providing remarkable improvements in data quality but that are relatively new in Canada. These include equipment innovations such as low frequency geophones and smaller vibroseis trucks with lower environmental footprint, as well as high-density acquisition methods including slip sweep, simultaneous source, and compressive sensing. The course will cover the benefits of implementing these technologies as well as important considerations for survey design, field acquisition, data processing, and archiving when utilizing these methods. Some Canadian case studies will be reviewed to highlight the feasibility of applying these innovations.

Instructor is Andrea Crook.