2020 So, you’re acquiring a seismic survey and having it processed – What questions should you be asking?


Seismic Acquisition and Processing are closely intertwined with decisions made during acquisition directly impacting the ability (or inability) to process the data to the level required for advanced interpretation. In this hands on course, we will be focusing on the basics of processing and how choices made during seismic acquisition affect processing. We will cover basic seismic acquisition parameter evaluation, field implementation, and data delivery requirements as well as work through seismic data processing examples focused on the basics of geometry, refraction, deconvolution,  velocities, reflection statics, stacking, and migration. Course participants will utilize seismic acquisition and processing software to review data, complete exercises, learn which critical questions to ask, and what data QC plots to request when evaluating both seismic acquisition and processing parameters for seismic programs.

This course is designed for those who are required to make decisions on seismic acquisition and processing parameters. Upon completion of the course, one should be able to make informed decisions on seismic acquisition and processing parameters.