2019 Planning and Operating a Land 3D Seismic Survey (SEG)

This course will teach you to plan and oversee a 3D land seismic survey.  Overview This course will expose you to the practical aspects of 3D survey design and then teach you the basics of planning and designing a survey. The class will discuss different survey techniques, designs and geophysical limitations, along with field layouts […]

2018 Innovations in Seismic Acquisition (CSEG)

Overview Seismic acquisition has changed significantly in the past ten years. Recording systems have switched from cabled to cable-less/nodal systems, vibroseis is beginning to replace explosives even in areas with rugged terrain, and high trace density surveys are becoming commonplace. In this course, we will examine seismic acquisition innovations that are providing remarkable improvements in […]

2019 Introduction to Seismic Acquisition (CSEG)

Course Description This course will provide a practical understand of land seismic acquisition. In this hands-on course, students will participate in all aspects of planning and implementing 2D and 3D seismic surveys. The course will cover: Seismic survey objectives Input data required for design analysis 2D design & parameter selection 3D design & parameter selection […]

2021 Will my data process? Will my data invert?

Course Description In this course, geoscientists will review seismic acquisition and processing parameters to determine if the geometry is appropriate for advance processing and/or inversion. The course will focus on specific questions such as frequency content vs. resolution, offsets required for imaging steep dips, near offset distribution and angle gathers, and the challenges of acquiring […]