2021 Will my data process? Will my data invert?

Course Description

In this course, geoscientists will review seismic acquisition and processing parameters to determine if the geometry is appropriate for advance processing and/or inversion. The course will focus on specific questions such as frequency content vs. resolution, offsets required for imaging steep dips, near offset distribution and angle gathers, and the challenges of acquiring high-resolution shallow seismic surveys. Students will investigate how seismic acquisition parameters such as geometry, source selection, survey size, and surface exclusions impact seismic imaging, and learn how the decisions made during acquisition directly affect the ability to process and invert the data.

Target Audience

Geoscientists considering processing or inversion, but uncertain if the seismic data is appropriate for the intended purposes.

Special Information

Students will require a laptop (or workstation) to complete course exercises. Students may either be provided with software for the exercises or access to software hosted on a virtual machine. This will be determined closer to the date of the course. If students are provided with software, licensing will be set up the week prior to the start of the course.