Seismic acquisition has changed significantly in the past ten years. OptiSeis runs courses covering topics like the basics of processing and how choices made during seismic acquisition affect processing, planning and oversight of 3D land seismic surveys, examining seismic acquisition innovations providing remarkable improvements in data quality, and review of seismic acquisition and processing parameters.

Course Types and Topics

One Hour Module

  • What is Seismic? – an overview of seismic acquisition. Can be tailored to specific audiences.
  • Transitioning to High Density Seismic – a multi-year case study highlighting testing and implementation of high density vibroseis
  • Innovations in Seismic Acquisition – a summary of new technology that is changing how seismic is acquired

Half Day Module

  • Evaluating 3D Surveys – learn techniques to evaluate and compare survey geometries and acquisition methods
  • Seismic Survey QC – basic procedures for assessing field surveys
  • Seismic Acquisition Testing – How to plan and execute seismic field tests
  • Vibroseis Overview – Review of parameter selection and conventional, slip-sweep, simultaneous acquisition

One Day Course

  • Innovations in Seismic Acquisition – a detailed review of new technology utilized in seismic acquisition
  • 3D Design: Parameter selection – learn how to calculate and evaluate 3D survey parameters

Two Day Course

  • Basic Seismic Acquisition – includes parameter selection, evaluation, equipment overview, and field methodologies
  • Basic Processing – a hands-on course covering geometry & noise attenuation through to migration