Turn your seismic program into a lean, green, resolution machine

By Peter Vermeulen, Mostafa Naghizadeh, Andrea Crook, P.Geoph., and Stephanie Ross Summary Diligent seismic acquisition planning always involves careful modelling of field parameters that maximize subsurface resolution and minimize program costs. Traditionally, finding the balance between these two outcomes has been challenging but progressively achievable with skilled field management/crews, simultaneous source techniques (Crook et. al., […]

Fresnel zone binning analysis for determining optimal seismic infill stations

By Mostafa Naghizadeh, Andrea Crook, P.Geoph., and Shane Bossaer Summary The horizontal resolution of seismic surveys is determined by the Fresnel zone analysis (Sheriff, 1980). The concept of the Fresnel zone can also be utilized at the design stage of the seismic surveys for optimal positioning of shots and receivers based on the importance of […]