Seismic Survey Design

Target focused

At OptiSeis, survey design is a service, not just a script file.

We stand behind our design to ensure your program is focused on all subsurface targets, no matter what challenges lay on the surface. Our experience ensures new technology can be seamlessly incorporated in the field, effectively and efficiently.

Our commitment to the success of your program continues right to the last shot taken in the field.


Focus on all your targets

EcoSeis is an innovative land footprint reduction technology that allows operators to focus on their environmental, green house gas emission reduction, and subsurface targets.

The technology’s proprietary algorithms successfully bring environmental conservation and green house gas accounting practices into the design and execution of data collection in the field. EcoSeis is our flagship service that provides a custom solution to ensure you can focus on all your targets.


Research at the core

Research is at the core of OptiSeis’ superior software and acquisition design services.

Custom designed seismic programs require more than sources and receivers on a map, they need a deep understanding of the physics they are based on.

OptiSeis collaborates with the top geophysical researchers around the world and is focused on designing optimal seismic surveys by:

  • Fulfilling the requirements of seismic data interpolation algorithms
  • Incorporating Fresnel zone binning analysis
  • Enhancing seismic signal bandwidths
  • Inventing innovative seismic acquisition geometries
  • Embracing environment protection measures

OptiSeis’ research ensures your program can accommodate leading edge technologies in the field, through processing and into technical interpretation and advanced reservoir characterization.

Geophysical Interpretation

Seismic interpretation

Acquiring high quality seismic data is an important first step to understanding your targets. OptiSeis has experienced interpreters to provide both independent and integrated seismic interpretation services. Our interpretation services can be custom crafted to suit our clients’ needs and offer a variety of solutions you can trust.

• Data Conditioning
• Well Data Analysis
• Well to Seismic Ties
• Horizon Identification and Picking
• Stratigraphic Attribute Analysis
• Velocity modelling and Depth Conversion
• 3D Visualization and Well Planning

Processing QC

Focus on well-positioned targets

OptiSeis’ imaging experts know how to put your targets into focus.

• Is your processing flow well suited to your geometry design?
• Want to test acquisition designs on existing data?
• Have you field tested parameters to optimize your next program?

OptiSeis has the right tools to perform a full processing QC, test new processing flows, or analyze acquisition tests. Work with us to optimize your next location.