EcoSeis: Announcing the Safe Completion of the First EcoSeis 3D Field Acquisition

OptiSeis Solutions Ltd. is excited to announce the safe completion of their first EcoSeis 3D field acquisition! We’d like to thank ConocoPhillips for providing a host location, Brad Gerl for his Acquisition Management expertise, and all the crews and equipment providers for their professionalism. EcoSeis is an innovative land footprint reduction technology that allows operators […]

EcoSeis: A Novel Acquisition Method for Optimizing Seismic Resolution While Minimizing Environmental Footprint

Article Excerpt By Mostafa Naghizadeh, Peter Vermeulen, Andrea Crook, Alyson Birce, Stephanie Ross, Aaron Stanton, Maximo Rodriguez, and Warren Cookson. Abstract All exploration and production projects, whether for oil-and-gas, mining, or clean-technology applications, begin with an accurate image of the subsurface. Many technologies have been developed to enable the acquisition of cost-effective seismic data, with […]

New technologies funded by CRIN competition to address environmental and economic challenges

Today CRIN announced funding of over $44 million CAD for 17 projects identified through its Reducing Environmental Footprint oil and gas technology competition. This brings the total investment through three competitions to $80 million. CRIN’s competitions are designed to accelerate solutions that have the potential for significant contributions to environmental and economic challenges faced by […]

EcoSeis: Environmental Footprint Reduction for Subsurface Exploration Programs

Project Description EcoSeis is an innovative land footprint reduction technology that allows oil and gas operators to sustainably acquire high-resolution seismic images of their resources. The technology is a ground-breaking collaboration that successfully brings environmental conservation and GHG accounting practices into the design and execution of data collection in the field. EcoSeis utilizes proprietary algorithms […]